Jamie Gold Wins Another Poker Tournament

Greg Raymer, when recently asked if Jamie Gold would get respect or not as the 2006 WSOP champion, said that he (Greg) and Joe Hachem weren't truly respected as champions until they'd won another tournament. Greg said that if Jamie Gold could win another tourney, maybe he'd earn some respect from fellow players and the poker community. Greg wisely didn't comment on what an epic douchebag Jamie Gold was at the WSOP.

Well, Jamie Gold just won another poker tournament, but will it earn him the respect he wants?

The 2006 World Series Champion took a break from his reality show about America's Hottest Mom and sat down at a tourney put together by his sponsor, BoDog dot lame. He worked his way through a deadly field, populated by such notables as UFC champ Phil "The NY Badass" Baroni, CFL Hall of Famer Tom Europe, and multiple-bracelet holder* Michael Eklund, who you may know from Bloodrayne II. When the bodies were counted, Jamie Gold stood atop them all, winning a shiny new watch. Seriously.

Wow, Jamie. Way to get out there and earn that respect, man!

So . . . uh . . . if beating a bunch of D-list celebrities is all it takes to earn respect in the poker world, I expect to be invited to every tournament in the world from here on out.

*Ha! Ha! Not really.

Doyle's Room takes over Pamela Poker

The eleven people in the world who were shocked and stunned when Pamela Anderson withdrew her endorsement of Pamelapoker.com last week can rest a little bit easier today: According to Online Casino News, Doyle Brunson's poker site, Doyle's Room, has stepped in to take over.

For those of you who really need to have your online poker experience associated with a nearly-naked woman of questionable intelligence, don't worry: Cindy Margolis has just signed a deal to endorse Tropical Poker.

And here's something I managed to miss during the 2006 WSOP: There was apparently a staged "wedding" between Pam and Doyle, which, according to Michael Craig, wasn't pretty: Two people who attended, both respected journalists, told me it was a fiasco. Pam looked ridiculous flouncing around in a bridal veil. Doyle Brunson was there and looked stricken. Neither journalist had ever spoken to Doyle, so neither was up to speed on his involvement in online poker - the commitment, the financial opportunity, the competition, etc. - but both had the same message for me: What on earth was Doyle Brunson doing this for?

I love Michael's writing not just because he always gets right to the heart of a story, but because he writes about the absurd aspects of the poker world with a dry, ironic humor that I wish I could match on my own. Witness Michael's reaction to Pam's, uh, thoughts, in her online diary:

1. Pamela Anderson writes like a fourth grader.

2. Pam has a pattern, from what I can tell from reading her diary, of getting into businesses and then disavowing her involvement in them.

3. Anderson disclosed in her diary that she is now, for the first time, applying her own make-up. From September 2: "The most liberating thing I've done lately is learn to do my own makeup. "

4. She talks about her new (third) husband, Kid Rock, with the same enthusiasm she talked about poker a few months ago. Rock, you might want to keep your bags packed.

You really need to go read the rest in Michael's entire post titled, "The Short, Brief Life of Pamela Anderson's Poker Site."

(Trashy picture of Pamela Anderson found on Google Images, and included for Bad Blood, per his request.)

Pamela Poker Joins Stardust, Klondike, Jim Leach

Pamela Anderson, who made a name for herself bouncing along the beach in slowmo on Baywatch, then rocketed herself into infamy and permanent celebrity status with the honeymoon video that made the catchphrase "You're so f'in rad, lover! Where are we, baby?" a national phenomenon, has closed her online poker site, PamelaPoker.com.

The former Baywatch actress, Hepatitis C carrier, and Playboy model wrote on her website that she was getting out of the online poker business because, there were "[t]oo many shady areas" and that "I made a mistake getting involved in something I know nothing about for a quick buck! Yuck. So unlike me. Glad it's over."

Displaying her brilliant understanding of the game, Anderson also wrote, "I really don't want to encourage people to gamble." So we shouldn't expect PamelaLotteries or PamelaHorseRacing or PamelaFantasySports any time soon. Dang.

Also displaying her brilliant understanding of the Internets, she uses Comic Sans, embedded music and enough javascript and flash to cover Ted Stevens' bridge to nowhere six times.

All seriousness aside, I'm sure Pamela will find a way to come out of her foray into the online poker world stronger and wiser. I mean, you don't win the World's Sexiest Feet award five times if you don't know what you're doing, right?



Dick Van Patten Charity Tourney This Weekend

This weekend, the Dick Van Patten charity poker tournament will be played at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, a community about two hours east of Los Angeles near Palm Springs.

The tournament will raise money for the US Marine Corps, and a bunch of well-known personalities have been invited to play, including a few of Dick Van Patten's former television co-stars, and his son Vince, who is on some poker show that apparently is solely responsible for the current poker boom.

The Desert Sun has a highly entertaining story today, where they posed some poker-related questions to a few of the invitees and printed their answers. I learned that Connie Stevens likes to "play with the guys every now and then because I think it's so much fun." and she's a self-admitted "a gutsy player, and they never know what the hell I'm going to do." And I also learned that Eileen Davidson "tried to fake out James Woods once by making faces, but I just couldn't."

If you're in Indio this weekend and would like to play, it's limited to 400 players, with a $300 buy-in. More details are in TFA, linked below.

Doyle's Room 50th Bounty Tournament

Doyle's Room will be hosting a special tourney tomorrow night (Thursday, September 28th) in honor of it being their 50th Bounty Tournament. Mike Caro, Doyle, and Todd Brunson will have bounties on their heads as usual, but Nicky Hilton, Cyndi Violette, and Hoyt Corkins are also scheduled to make an appearance. They will also be awarding the tournament winner a gold ring, as pictured.

As always, if you knock out one of the aforementioned pros/celebrities, you will win $500. If you knock out two, it is $15,000. Knock out all three, and you will win $50,000.

Shana Hiatt's No Compete Clause

Brett Love, from our sister site TV Squad, posted this about former WPT hostess Shana Hiatt over the weekend, so I thought I would share a bit with you guys:

It seems that Shana has been trying to get a couple different gigs, but has been hampered by a disputed no compete clause in her WPT contract. But now a judge has granted an injunction on Hiatt's behalf. According to the ruling, the WPT can no longer keep Shana from pursuing the two poker related jobs at NBC that brought the whole matter to the courts. It remains to be seen whether the WPT is going to try and fight the injunction, but I think the more Shana Hiatt on TV poker the better.

To read the full post, as well as to watch some video starring the lovely Ms. Hiatt, you can click on the 'read' link below.

Vince Neil's 2nd Annual Off The Strip Charity Tourney

Last year Mötley Crüe's lead singer Vince Neil hosted the first annual "Off The Strip" charity poker tournament at 'The Joint' in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and he is getting ready to do it all over again.

The buy-in is $500 plus $50, and rebuys and add-ons will be available. Only 150 entrants will be able to participate, and the final table will compete for a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. Besides the tournament, a silent auction will be held and all proceeds raised from that and the tourney will be donated to the T.J. Martell Foundation through the Skylar Neil Foundation, the charity Vince Neil set up in honor of his daughter who passed away at a young age due to cancer.

The tournament will be held on November 5th. If you are interested in playing, you can contact 'The Joint' at 702-693-5000.

Pamela Poker

Alright, I really have seen it all now. In further proof that just about anyone can get their own online poker room, I give you Pamela Poker - Pamela Anderson's new (ok, new-ish, I'm a little late on this one) poker site. Why am I surprised? If Cindy Margolis can do it, why not Pam? Hell, I should just open my own poker room, it can't be that hard.

All jokes aside, I am happy for my fellow Canuck, I can't blame her for getting on the poker bandwagon while it is still hot. What does bother me however, is her actual poker website. There is a link that says 'Pamela Anderson Blog'. I was thinking it had to be one of two things - either a blog written by Pam herself, or at the very least a poker blog with relevant content. Boy was I wrong. When you click on it, you are brought to a Blogger page, yes, but is not written by Pam, and it has nothing to do with poker. It is just one more outlet for them to increase her web presence. The entries have titles such as:

Pamela Anderson's iconic status is on the rise
Kid Rock obsessed with Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson pays surprise visit to winery

Puuuuleeeeeze. After reading this I went back to her site and saw another link - Poker Diary. Once again I got my hopes up that there may actually be some poker-related written content on her site, but no such luck. When you click on that link you are just redirected to yet another 'About Pam' page.

Message to the Marketing Team and Management of Pamela Poker: We get it. She is hot. She is famous. She works with PETA. We know, really. Is it truly stretching the imagination so much that you can't see the value in having some actual poker content on your site, or at the very least, have one of your blog/diary links be even remotely about the game?

Weintraub Builds Poker Lounge

The Ocean's Club is now open, complete with fully stocked bar, lounge area, poker tables, and dining. Sounds like the kind of place I would like to spend most of my free time. However unless you are actually involved with the filming of the movie Ocean's 13, you can't get in.

Producer Jerry Weintraub built the lounge for Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and the rest of the Ocean's 13 cast based on a design that was inspired by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. It seems they haven't skimped on any of the details either, providing custom made "Ocean's" poker chips and a wall of fame with headshots of the entire cast.

If you'd like to take a look at how the other half lives on their lunch break and after work, click on the 'read' link below. (There is a full video as well.)

Play Poker against Pam Anderson

Actress, Playboy Playmate, and model Pam Anderson will be Doyle Brunson's special guest star for tonight's Bounty Tournament over at Doyle's Room. Pam will be playing alongside Doyle himself and Mike 'The Mad Genius' Caro.

Pam Anderson has a special bounty on her head - knock her out and you will win $500. The remaining format is the same as the other bounty tournaments - if you knock out either Doyle or Mike Caro, you win $250. If you K.O. any two of them, you will receive $10,000. If you happen to knock out all three, you earn the grand prize of $25,000. The buy-in for the tournament is $25.00 plus $2.50.

Doyle's Room has also set up a new feature that allows you to try their bounty tournaments for 'free'. You must make a deposit into a real money account and play in the bounty tournament, but afterwards they will rebate your entry if you don't place in the money. For full details, instuctions, and the fine print on this promotion, click this link.

Image: Doyle's Room

Paris Plays Poker...Loses Bentley

Can you honestly picture Paris Hilton sitting still long enough to read dozens of poker books, let alone one? How about studying hand histories, grinding it out at lower limits for years, learning the difference between plays and player types, knowing odds and probabilities? I didn't think so. So how is it that she thinks she can all of a sudden be a poker player? It isn't something you just choose to do one day and automatically expect to win on a consistent basis, so I had to laugh when I heard she lost her $178,000 Bentley in a game. Serves her (or anyone else who thinks they can just take the game up) right, is all I can say.

Party Poker has apparently offered her a chance to win back the expensive auto though, if she takes them up on the challenge to play Mike Sexton. (Though I'm not sure how that really qualifies as a 'chance', since he will simply destroy her heads-up.)

According to various reports, her parents Rick and Kathy have barred her from the family casino and have asked her to get therapy for gambling. Paris, of course, states that she is really lucky in Vegas and always wins. Maybe it is time for someone to point out to her that even though luck is involved, poker is a game of skill and maybe she should stick to baccarat or craps.

Gilbert Arenas

I saw this funny article today about NBA basketball star Gilbert Arenas. Supposedly, he likes to play poker online.

He loves the competition so much that he’s been known to play poker during halftime of the Washington Wizards games.

Arenas just sits at his locker and plays while everyone else on his team gets ready for the second half.

Arenas said he likes to play at halftime because, “It's just a mental challenge, to keep my mind going.''

Continue reading Gilbert Arenas

Heads-Up this Sunday Sunday Sunday

National Heads-Up ChampionshipThe 2006 National Heads-Up Championship, from Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, will begin airing tomorrow on NBC, at noon Eastern.

The first broadcast features matches between 2005 runner up Chris Ferguson and 2005 winner (and self-proclaimed greatest poker player in the history of life, the universe, and everything) Phil Hellmuth, as well as Paul Phillips and Jennifer Tilly. If you miss an episode on Sunday, it will repeat the following Friday on CNBC, at 8PM and again at 11PM Eastern. If last year was any indication, this tournament will be highly entertaining to watch over the next six weeks.

When the show is over, if you have an urge to watch more heads-up poker, you can get on the Internets, come to PokerStars and watch me play this week's tournament leaderboard leader, Payperwiew, in a heads-up match at 2PM EST. He was supposed to play Isabelle Mercier (sigh) but she is unavailable, so I am coming off the bench to represent the team. I'm sure Isabelle's absense will be a huge disappointment to many fanboys, myself included.

It's free to watch, too. Just download the client and find the match in the lobby under the Tourney tab.

Don Cheadle Wins the Playboy Mansion Tournament

Actor Don Cheadle won the Urban Health Institute charity poker tournament at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, CA last night.

Cheadle was one of the many celebrities on hand to help support UHI. Shannon Elizabeth, Oliver Hudson, Tara Reid, Anthony Anderson, L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss, N.Y. Yankees manager Joe Torre, Morris Chestnut, and Kim Coles were among the celebrities in attendance.

There were many top pros at the tournament too such as Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu, Mel Judah, Erick Lindgren, Cyndy Violette, Hoyt Corkins, Steve Dannenmann, Josh Arieh, David Williams, Amir Vahedi, and Jean Robert Bellande.

Dr. Pauly and seven other of the luckiest poker bloggers on the planet including Spaceman, CJ, Joe Speaker, Chad from Pokerama, Boy Genius, Bobby Bracelet (see photo) and AlCantHang were invited to cover the event.

Continue reading Don Cheadle Wins the Playboy Mansion Tournament

Thoughts on Hellmuth Hosting Celeb Poker Showdown

Yesterday I mentioned that Phil Hellmuth has been selected to take over Phil Gordon's spot on Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown. As you all know - I am not the world's greatest fan of Mr. H, and I am sure many of you are expecting a rant out of me. To be fair, why would you expect anything less? Last week when I announced that Phil Gordon was leaving CPS, I stated:

"It is still up in the air who will be Phil's replacement, and all I can say is please let it be anyone but Phil Hellmuth."

A little foreshadowing, perhaps? I had a feeling they would ultimately choose Hellmuth, but I'm not going to rant. Ok, ok. Maybe just a little.

Obviously, I am not pleased with their choice, but it isn't necessarily for the reasons you may think. I'm more disappointed by who they didn't choose, rather than by who they did. I believe there are many talented, deserving individuals who would have been a better choice and could have used this opportunity to further build their careers rather than Phil. Examples? My first choice would have been Phil Laak hands down. Hands. Down. However, it doesn't really matter now (or ever) who I thought would fit the bill - there were many - but they have made their choice and we have to live with it, look forward to it, or not watch it. It is our choice.


Continue reading Thoughts on Hellmuth Hosting Celeb Poker Showdown

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