Nolan Dalla

Nolan Dalla is being interviewed on Hold'em Radio this Thursday. It should be interesting so go check it out.

going to be a guest on Keep Flopping Aces which is a radio show hosted by Amy Calistri and Lou Krieger.

If you don't know, Nolan wrote a great biography on Stu Ungar called One of a Kind.

also known for his work as media director for the World Series of Poker and PokerStars.

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For Peyton Charity

My friend Bobby Bracelet recently played in a soccer tournament to raise money for Peyton Novoa. Her mother Natasha died of a rare form of cancer earlier this year.

Bobby mentioned this tragic story to a few people such as Jason Kirk from Bluff Magazine. Jason then mentioned it to WPT Player of the Year Gavin Smith and ESPN writer Steve Rosenbloom.

Slowly, Peyton's story has been getting around. Michael Friedman wrote a great article about it for Card Player Magazine.

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WPT Championships

The TV final table for the WPT Championships is set for Monday. James Van Alstyne is the current chipleader.

The winner of this event gets a very sweet payout of $3,760,165. Second and third place money is pretty nice too. Here are the top 4 payouts:

1st - $3,760,165
2nd - $1,903,950
3rd - $1,025,205
4th - $659,120

Dr. Pauly is live blogging this event from the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. Go stop by his poker blog Monday night for final table updates. You can also check out his Day 5 coverage from Sunday.

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Gilbert Arenas

I saw this funny article today about NBA basketball star Gilbert Arenas. Supposedly, he likes to play poker online.

He loves the competition so much that he’s been known to play poker during halftime of the Washington Wizards games.

Arenas just sits at his locker and plays while everyone else on his team gets ready for the second half.

Arenas said he likes to play at halftime because, “It's just a mental challenge, to keep my mind going.''

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Puggy Pearson 1929-2006

The legendary Puggy Pearson died on Wednesday. The former World Series of Poker Champion was 77. Born Walter Clyde Pearson in rural Tennessee, he got his nickname after a childhood accident disfigured his nose.

He dropped out of school in the 5th grade to help support his family. He was a pool hustler for most of his later childhood. Puggy joined the Navy when he was 16. That's where he learned how to play poker.

Puggy Pearson was one of the original seven men that Benny Binion invited to the first WSOP. He won the Main Event in 1973 after he beat out Johnny Moss heads up.

In all, Puggy Pearson has three bracelets in his collection. Puggy also gets credit for the concept of freeze-out poker tournaments.

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Phil Hellmuth vs. Bill Fillmaff

Ultimate Bet is promoting a feud between Phil Hellmuth and Bill Fillmaff. According to the press release I saw (thanks to AlCan'tHang), Hellmuth has had enough of Bill. He’s sick of taking crap from the self-proclaimed poker guru, Bill Fillmaff.

Bill claims to be a better poker player than Phil. Hellmuth shot back with, "This kid thinks he's a somebody? He's a nobody. This kid thinks he's better than Hellmuth? He can't even spell Hellmuth." Classic Phil Hellmuth!

So what was Bill's retort to Phil? He said, "I can spell Hellmuth . . . it's D-O-N-K-E-Y." Haha!!

Go check out this UB link. They have some funny video footage of Hellmuth trying to rap!  Hellmuth raps about why you don't want to mess with him. I laughed pretty hard watching it!

Zee Justin Speaks

In the last month, two major cheating scandals went down and one involved well known internet pro Justin Bonomo

He had been playing multiple accounts on Party Poker and Poker Stars and was caught shortly after the JJProdigy debacle.

It's been almost a month since Justin last posted something on his journal. He addressed the entire scandal in a post Wednesday called I Screwed Up.

He attempted to apologize, but still managed to get one last word in on how his actions were justified.

Bloggers have been talking about this in various posts. Scurvy Dog at Sound of a Suckout, had a great post where he offered up his opinion on the latest post from Justin.

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WPT Reno Update

Liz Lieu lost her chiplead, but she was one of 27 players who survived the second day of play at the WPT Reno which is being hosted at the Reno Hilton. Liz currently sits in 4th place with $335K.
Fabrice Soulier, Chau Giang, Barry Greenstein, Carl Olson, Carlos Mortensen, Pat Poels, Greg "FBT" Mueller, and Dan Schmiech are all alive. Last year's champ Arnold Spee was eliminated on Day 2.
WSOP main event champion Carlos Mortensen is still in the hunt for his second WPT title. Barry Greenstein and Chau Giang, who are regular players in the "Big Game" at the Bellagio are both still alive.
Don't forget to read Spaceman's coverage of the WPT Reno over at Bluff Magazine.

WPT Reno: Liz Lieu

The lovely Liz Lieu is the chipleader at the WPT Reno after the first day of action. She has over $117K.

Lady luck is with Liz especially after she cracked Chris Grigorian's pocket aces when she flopped a set of Jacks late last night.

Defending Champ Arnold Spee has about 15K in chips at the start of Day 2. There were over 592 players who entered the next to last stop on this season of the WPT and only 185 players made it to day two.

Noteworthy bustouts on the first day included Daniel Negreanu, The Grinder, Phil Ivey, and Erick Lindgren.
Stop by Bluff Magazine to read updates from Spaceman who is on the scene.

Don Cheadle Wins the Playboy Mansion Tournament

Actor Don Cheadle won the Urban Health Institute charity poker tournament at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, CA last night.

Cheadle was one of the many celebrities on hand to help support UHI. Shannon Elizabeth, Oliver Hudson, Tara Reid, Anthony Anderson, L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss, N.Y. Yankees manager Joe Torre, Morris Chestnut, and Kim Coles were among the celebrities in attendance.

There were many top pros at the tournament too such as Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu, Mel Judah, Erick Lindgren, Cyndy Violette, Hoyt Corkins, Steve Dannenmann, Josh Arieh, David Williams, Amir Vahedi, and Jean Robert Bellande.

Dr. Pauly and seven other of the luckiest poker bloggers on the planet including Spaceman, CJ, Joe Speaker, Chad from Pokerama, Boy Genius, Bobby Bracelet (see photo) and AlCantHang were invited to cover the event.

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Gracie Wins WPBT WSOP Satellite!

Congrats to Gracie from She won the first WPBT WSOP satellite on Paradise Poker this past Sunday. Great job Gracie!

There were 69 poker bloggers who participated. Gracie beat the Surley Poker Gnome heads up to win a seat to any $1,500 WSOP event at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas this year. 

Gracie was really sick for the entire tournament too. She played on a head full of NyQuil and still managed to get the victory! 

Last year, the WPBT sent several bloggers to the $1,500 WSOP No Limit Hold'em event. Some of those bloggers included Bobby Bracelet, Joe Speaker, Wes the Big Pirate, and Russell Fox

Thanks to Iggy who busted his butt to set up this event! 

Congrats again to Miss Gracie on her great win!! Gracie rules!!!

Poker News

All In Magazine recently launched their new web site. In a press release discussing the launch, managing editor Eric Raskin mentioned poker bloggers. I thought that was cool of him.

He said, “Our goal was to help our readers find the best poker blogs out there and help drive traffic to the community of bloggers. There are some great blogs out there, including Pokerati, Guinness and Poker, Tao of Poker, Bill Rini, Wicked Chops Poker, Absinthe’s Troubles, and many others.”

I couldn't agree with him more so go check out these poker blogs now!

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LA Poker Classic

Days 4 and 5 of the LA Poker Classic are over and the TV final table is set. JC Tran is the chipleader with $3,720,000 in tournament chips.

Actor James Woods didn’t make the final table. He busted out yesterday in Day 4. His Q-Q ran into A-A. Woods finished in 24th place and won $39,859.

Here’s who made the TV final table courtesy of PokerWire:
  1. JC Tran $3,720,000
  2. Per Ummer $2,870,000
  3. Michael Woo $2,195,000
  4. Alan Goehring $1,900,000
  5. Daniel Quach $1,655,000
  6. Steven Simmons $1,505,000

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LA Poker Classic

Day 4 of the LA Poker Classic starts later this afternoon. Actor James Woods is currently 16th in chips and there are only 27 players left. Jon Luu is the chipleader.

Dr. Pauly is live blogging this event from the Commerce Casino. Go stop by his poker blog for current updates and a unique look at tournament coverage.

Pauly’s Day 3 coverage included his famous list of the Last 5 Pros I Took a Piss Next To. Here’s Dr. Pauly latest list:

Last 5 Pros I Took a Piss Next To:

1. TJ Cloutier
2. Juha Helppi
3. Humberto Brenes
4. Chip Jett
5. Blair Rodman

My favorite Dr. Pauly entry of the day was:

9:59pm... Recent Elimination: Fabrcie Soulier, who entered today as the chipleader, was just eliminated in 46th place. He is the "Bubble Boy" or as they say in France... garcon de bulle.

So don’t forget to go stop by Dr. Pauly’s poker blog for more details.

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Dude of the Week: Ryan from Absinthe's Troubles

The winner of this installment of Dude of the Week goes to a fellow poker blogger. Ryan from Absinthe's Troubles gets the honor.

Ryan is a freelance writer from Los Angeles. We met in December at the poker bloggers tournament at the Imperial Palace.

The first time I actually met him, it was 4AM and he was playing blackjack! Well Ryan has been on a rush playing at the LA Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino.

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