In Washington State, Online Poker Players Equal to Sex Offenders

Lawmakers in Washington state have decided that they know what's best for all their residents, and recently passed Senate Bill 6613, which "[reaffirms and clarifies] the prohibition against Internet and certain other interactive electronic or mechanical devices to engage in gambling."

So if you're a resident of Washington state, and you've been enjoying the freedom to play online poker in the privacy of your own home, your state Senate just decided to take that freedom away from you.

And if the prohibition wasn't bad enough, the genius Senate, which passed the bill unanimously, decided to make Internet gaming a Class C Felony, which carries a punishment of up to ten years in prison, and puts online poker players in the same class as registered sex offenders. That is just brilliant. Can anyone else smell the creeping facism? What will Washington state lawmakers decide to make illegal in your own home next?

Unlike most of this completely intrusive, totally unecessary anti-gaming legislation that's recently been pushed at the federal level by Republicans, the Washington bill was introduced by a Democrat, State Senator Margarita Prentice. The bill passed the House 93-5, proving that not everyone in Washington's state government is totally insane, but was fast-tracked and signed into law by Democrat Governor Christine Gregoire. The law will take effect on June 7th.

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