Live Blogging the WWdN: HeyKidsItsBG! Invitational

So it turns out that the earlier starting time, to accomodate European players, really kills everyone in North America. Just 28 players showed up today, making this a smallest . . . er, most intimate, I mean, WWdN Invitational, yet.

We'll be back to 1900 EST next time, for now and forever, starting in two weeks. There is no game next week, due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA.

I wasn't going to live blog, but I'm starting late, at the request of Heather.

1:08 PM (all times Pacific) -
BG, Dave Westbay, Carsten, and Heather are all at my table. I'm in seat 5 at table two.

1:17 PM - I made two pair with KQ, but three spades on the board, so I overbet, hoping to get a worse hand to call. BG called . . . with KK! Queen made me a boat, but BG's boat was bigger. I'm own to 4285 now.

1:14 PM - I have had an incredible run of cards, including aces twice, a flopped boat with 33, and the flops just keep on hitting me. I'm currently the chipleader with 5050. I can't help but feel like I'm just holding them until CJ gets here.

1:21 PM - Blinds are at 15/30, average ia 1750. Big stack is 5785, small stack is 375. I've got 4165. 24 players left. All further updates will be in extended.
1:24 PM - Bouncin' around the room: Bow wow wow is on Fred. c30 c60 c90 GO!

1:26 PM - With a pair of twos, I doubled up Heather, who had a flush on the turn. Nice hand, maigrey.

1:29 PM - Deck has cooled, and nobody respects me anymore. Guess it's time to tighten up to group 1 and 2.

1:31 PM - Dave hopes to get a good hand, so I can blog about it.

1:33 PM - CJ busted out when K9 beat his A9. My chances of making final table just improved infinity percent. I'm third in chips, which is still half off the leader, who is currently redtrek5 with 6225. 22 players left, top five will make the money:
1. 112
2. 67
3. 44
5. 22

1:39 PM - Uh-oh. I think my client just crashed. Yep. Back now, but at 0%.

1:41 PM - 20 players left. We'll be on two tables when we get to 18.

1:42 PM - Maigrey just knocked out Boy Genius with AA vs. AQ. The flop came 7-K-Q when all the money went in. Great game, BG! See you next time :)

1:43 PM -
With the elimination of BG, we're down to two tables. Redtrek's lead has exploded to over 9000, maigrey has leapfrogged me into second with 4835, whoisspain is in third with 3360, and I'm sitting in fourth with 3315.

1:48 PM -
redtrek5 just moved to my immediate right, with a massive stack, and former WWdN champion Penner42 is three seats to my left. Aiyah!

1:52 PM - I timed out, just to come back and see my to lose to a flopped set. On the very next hand, I found 99, so I raised it up to 500 with three limpers (100 each) ahead of me. Two callers, flop came J-4-4 with two diamonds, I pushed, redtrek5 called me with Ad-5x, and thankfully didn't catch up. I'm back to 4280 now.

1:56 PM - oops. Penner raised to 3x the BB, I found AJ in the BB, we got all-in pre-flop and he had aces. I spewed a lot of my chips to him on that hand.

1:57 PM -
AK in the SB on the next hand, maigrey raised to 3x the BB, I came over the top for 1200, she folded. I have 3711 now.  Average is 2333, 18 players with blinds at 50/100.

1:58 PM - ZowieZ just doubled through heather with KJ vs KQ on a Jack-high flop.

1:59 PM - As we near the break, my table has many chipstacks right around average, which means nobody can really bully too much, or abuse the all-in. It's making for some very fun and clever play.

2:05 PM -
We're back from break. Blinds are at 75/150. I'm eating red beans and rice.

2:07 PM - Sires just eliminated Boobie Lover with 88 vs. AT.

2:11 PM - Decided to gambool with 6:1 on my money with presto. It was the very opposite of goooot against Heather's KQ, which flopped two pair. Penner lost a ton with AQ, Yestbay and Alexe55 both busted on the hand. Heather now has a massive chiplead with 11895.

2:12 PM - Heather just dropped the HAMMER. Bully.

2:14 PM - Right around the time I told Heather "you have a 4x lead on second. I have two words for you: Andrew. Black." Redtrek5 got all in with J6c vs. Heather's Kh8h. Flop came Kc-2s-Js, all the money went in, and Redtrek5 caught running clubs to make a flush.

2:16 PM - I think I'm going out right now. . .Yeah, AK vs 88, he caught an 8 on the flop, and my A on the turn wasn't enough. IGNH in 14th. Miserable finish for me, but I think it was a good call. He raised it 4x the BB, so I came over the top for 3x his raise, which pretty much committed me. When he went all-in, I knew I was behind, but getting 3-1 on my money, I thought it was a good call, since I was at worst 50-50 unless he had an ace. Oh, there's an 8 on the flop. D'oh!

Join us next time for the ZowieZ Invitational!

2:28 PM - The final table has begun:
  • ZowieZ
  • Sires
  • pokercracker
  • john1984
  • peacecorn
  • Strathwind
  • Katitude
  • maigrey
  • penner42
2:38 PM - Maigrey and Penner42 have a huge lead, with 12000 and 14000 respectively. Strathwind just lost a big pot to Sires with AK vs AA. Strathwind made a K on the river, and I surely would have gone broke there, the way I played today. Nice hand, guys.

2:40 PM - Maigrey just busted Katitude, when her AJ flopped a J vs. Katitude's 44. We're on the bubble now.

2:42 PM -
ZowieZ is at the final table in another tournament while he's final-tabling here. We attract the mightiest multi-tabling monsters in the WWdn Invitational!

2:51 PM -
Strathwind mounted a mighty comeback, but just bubbled out against the mighty force known as ZowieZ.

2:55 PM - Penner42, who never wins a race, just lost a race to john1984 with JJ vs KQd when a Q hit the flop.

2:57 PM - ZowieZ is human, after all! Sires got all-in with AK vs ZowieZ who had 33. The flop came 885, and I had shades of ZowieZ busting me earlier . . . the turn was a J, and the river paired the 5, counterfeiting ZowieZ'z pair, and giving Sires an epic 8425 pot. Penner says he folded JJ from EP after a re-raise and an all-in. The average stack is 8400, largest is 9660, smallest is 5290, so this is very much anyone's game now.

3:01 PM - Maigrey just took the lead after she came way over the top of john1984, who would have been all-in if he called.

3:02 PM - penner42 just took a big hit. His A9h fell to john1984's JT when a J hit the flop, and john1984 doubled up.

3:04 PM - Maigrey just took a HUGE pot down with 44 vs. ZowieZ'szsssz AKo. Over 20K in that one, and Heather is well on her way to avenging my death.

3:05 PM - ZowieZ had only 900 left after the last hand, and just finished in 5th place. GG, ZowieZ!

3:10 PM - Blinds are up to 300/600/50. Chipcounts:
  • maigrey - 22445
  • Sires - 8042
  • john1984 - 7930
  • penner42 - 2883
3:12 PM - Sires just doubled up against maigrey with TT vs. QJ, and is our chipleader.

3:14 PM - Sires just busted maigrey with TT vs. A2, and now has over 30K!

3:16 PM -
john1984 just won a race against penner42 with AK vs 77, when he rivered an ace. We are now heads-up.

3:18 PM - A great story about Sires:  He built his bankroll up from about a dollar yesterday, by playing the .01/.02 tables to get a buy-in for tonight's game. He's guaranteed at least 67 bucks tonight, and has a shot at the title. That's a fantastic parlay, worthy of PokerStars!

3:21 PM - This has been a pretty even heads-up battle so far, but Sires just took a big pot off john1984 to get up to 28K.

3:26 PM - Blinds are up to 400/800/50, and this is shaping up to be a long battle between two very conservative players with large stacks relative to the blinds, sort of like the WSOP in the very early 1970s.

3:28 PM - Looks like I spoke too soon. Sires just made two huge hands in a row when john1984 had two big second-best hands. Sires has 35000 to john1984's 5700.

3:33 PM - john1984 pushed in all his chips with ATo, and Sires quickly called . . . with AT. Chop chop, but john1984 is clinging to life with 1713 chips.

3:34 PM - Sires is the WWdN: HeyKidsItsBG! Invitational Champion! Congratulations, Carsten!

See everyone tomorrow at Saturdays with Dr. Pauly, and in two weeks for the next WWdN West Coast Warmup (December 1) and Friday Game (December 2.)

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