Live Blogging the WWdN: Donegal Invitational

It's Friday already? Where did the rest of this week go? I'll check behind the couch, as soon as I'm done live blogging this week's WWdN Friday Game, the Donegal Invitational. Last week's game was a metric assload of fun, and featured a heads-up battle between GRob and Daddy, two well-known (you'll notice I didn't say "respected" Har.) poker bloggers.

I don't think I've ever given proper credit to FlipChipPro from the always wonderful for the great picture of Darwin, which he took at this year's 2005 WSOP.

I'm even more excited than usual for this week's game, because I'm totally loaded on termite poison fumes. I had a beam in my house treated this morning, and even though it's all non-toxic-envoronmemtally-friendly-it-tastes-great-when-you-spread-it-on-a-cracker safe and good, the smell of wet, termite-ridden wood is an overwhelming cloud in my house.

Enjoy that image, while I move on . . .

3:57 PM (all times Pacific) - We have 116 players this week, and I am starting in seat 2 at table 3.

3:58 PM - PokerGeek still hasn't paid up on our last longer from the other night. I will mercilessly shame and flog his deadbeat ass throughout the entire liveblog today, until he does. Geek paid up! Details are in extended.

4:01 PM - Cards are in the air! I get 8-2o in the SB, and fold to an EP raise. There are three empty seats at my table.

4:03 PM -
Mrs. Al Can't Hang is at my table!

4:06 PM - I just won a nice pot when I bluffed with the best hand. I had A6o, and paired my 6 on the flop. Tricky Sue went the distance with me with her AK.

4:07 PM - Late registration has closed, and we have 127 people this week. First place will take home $381. The final two tables will pay.

4:09 PM - I have to do an interview for PokerStars, so I'm not going to live blog for at least the next twenty minutes. When I return, updates will be in extended.

4:21 PM -
I should do interviews while I play more often . . . I got queens UTG, so I raised it, got calls from LP and the button. The flop came Q-x-T, I made a continuation bet, and LP raised me for half his stack. I came back all-in, and he called me with TT. The button folded, and I busted jsmitty399 with set-over-set. I've got 3525 now, and I'm third in chips!

4:26 PM - PokerGeek still hasn't paid our last-longer. Maybe I should add some points.

4:31 PM - Penner42 made quad sevens (76) and Kings full on back-to-back hands, and is our chipleader with over 7K.

4:36 PM -
tklnotts just dropped the soooooted HAMMER on my big blind. It was, sadly, and easy fold.

4:41 PM - I just got moved to table 12, to the immediate right of my fellow CardSquad contributor and first week champion, Joanne. Blinds are 20/50, average is 2164, big stack is 6890. I've got 3855 with 88 players left.

4:44 PM -
I just donked off 800 chips to Frankl66. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. I hope he had a big ace.

4:47 PM - FUCKER! I raised with KK, got one caller.  When the flop came QQx, she bet out at it. I didn't think she'd commit half her stack without a queen, and I had to fold. She showed KJ! FUCKER FUCK FUCK! It was a great bet, and I can't believe I made such a pussy laydown. I am down to 2700. Grrr.

4:52 PM - As angry as I am at myself for making such a pussy laydown, I'm even more proud of maximoves for making either the greatest move, or weakest move ever against me.

4:56 PM - Did I mention that PokerGeek hasn't paid our last-longer?

5:04 PM - At the break, we have 68 players left. The big stack is SoxLover with 9000, the short stack is Daddy, with 575. Average is 2801. I have 2480. Blinds will be 75/150 when we come back.

5:06 PM - We're back. Joanne just became the short stack with 372, but could double up any time. As Iggy just observed: a chick and a chair!

5:10 PM - I just learned that our tourney's namesake, Donegal was just busted out in 66th.

5:12 PM - Joanne just went out when her AT didn't improve vs. 44. I've been moved to table 1.

5:23 PM -
I've been moved to table 7, just behind penner42, whose 16244 sort of dwarfs my 2555. Julius_goat just busted out with JJ vs. KK. I've been moved back to table 1, same seat! LOL.

5:25 PM -
The flogging has ended! PokerGeek just phoned me to say that he's paid up the last longer!

Hello Wil Wheaton,

We have transferred $[none of your business] to your account as requested by 'TheFilmGeek'.

Good luck to you both.


PokerStars Cashier
5:26 PM - I just doubled up!  I got a walk with Q2, and flopped a set of queens! I've got 5810 now. Average is 3663, blinds are 100/200. I'm currently in 10th.

5:29 PM - Bouncin' around the room: my cat Biko just came in to tell me all sorts of things. His breath smells like catfood.

5:32 PM - Derek just went out, so I win the unofficial and undeclared CardSquad last-longer. I've been moved to table 11, with shogusumi, who busted me from the Katrina Tourney, and to the immediate left of Dr. Pauly. Sweeeet.

5:35 PM - tlknotts just lost with QQ vs AQ, when the flop came 2-3-5 and the turn was a 4.

5:49 PM - I just lost a bunch of chips when I defended my blind with JJ, and got called by AK. A king on the flop, I made my continuation bet, in case he had  . . . well, anything that wasn't AK, he raised me, and I had to let it go. I'm happy with the way I played the hand, though. A year ago, I would have gone broke there. I went from number 10 with a bullet to number 25 with an anchor.

5:44 PM - I'm soooo happy that I understand the concept of being dominated. I had JJ in the SB. There was a min-raise from EP, which usually indicates a very strong hand online (against players you know are strong. adjust expectations accordingly). There was a 3x re-raise from MP. I got away from the jacks, figuring I was crushed. Sure enough, all the money went in: EP had KK, MP had AA. EPGHN.

5:46 PM - Otis just dropped in to say Arrrrghhh!

5:47 PM - I just made a set and won 2300! w00t.

5:49 PM - I finally defended with JJ, and took it down. JJ is following me around tonight. That's pretty cool. Lucky. I'm in 13th with 5460. 31 players remain, average is 6145. Blinds are 200/400/25.

5:53 PM -
Iggy just announced that table lykaon III is the cash game.

5:57 PM - Pauly just dropped the HAMMER.

6:00 PM - The Truffle Shuffle is the new Humpty Dance.

6:06 PM - We're at another break. Average is 7326, the big stack is maximovies with 17649 (hope my chips are keeping you warm, maxi!) The short stack is Poilar with 2140. There are 26 players left. I'm in 14th with 6485.

6:11 PM -
Bouncin' around the room: Anne just came in from the laundry room. Our dryer, which is well over ten years old, has finally crapped out. So now I'm playing for the "Buy Wil and Anne a New Dryer" fund. It's the charity that's sweeping the nation.

6:13 PM - We're back. Blinds are up. 300/600/50.

6:15 PM - Pauly just doubled up with AK vs. A8 with an ace on the flop. He's the chipleader with 19,100, and he's going to double me up.

6:20 PM - WOOT! I just doubled through Pauly. He busted out rawmustard. On the very next hand, I found A8d, and decided that I was making my stand (with a really lousy M) so when Pauly raised, I pushed. He showed JJ, and I caught an ace on the flop. I've got 10720 now. Average is 9071. 21 players remain, we're 3 off the bubble.

6:29 PM - Pauly got into it with Wastib. Pauly showed QQ, Wastib showed AK. The flop came Axx, with two hearts. Pauly caught running hearts to make his flush with the Qh.

6:30 PM -
We're past the bubble! I made the money!

6:32 PM - I just busted xkm1245. He had AT I had AKh, and flopped a king. I've got 11200, and I'm in 6th of 16.

6:34 PM - OMFG. Iggy has a MONSTER stack: 43211. Iggy is scary with any chips at all. With a monster stack he is terrifying.

6:35 PM - Pauly just got me to fold KJs when he dropped THE HAMMER on me. Nice.

6:39 PM - Oh man. Toby039 raised UTG. I had 88 in the BB. It was time to make a move, since I was below average, so I pushed. He thought a bit, and called me with JT. He flopped a ten, and I never caught up. IGH in 14th, which is an awesome finish.
PokerStars Tournament #14391236, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
127 players
Total Prize Pool: $1270.00
Tournament started - 2005/11/04 - 19:00:00 (ET)

Dear Wil Wheaton,

You finished the tournament in 14th place.
A $15.24 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Thank you for participating.
Join us next week for the Toby039 Invitational! Tournament #14687178

6:49 PM - The Final table has begun, and it is a beauty:
1: Guinness (cincinnati)
2: penner42 (Santa Barbara)
3: heffmike (Fairfax)
4: DrPauly (New York)
5: maureen73 (Minneapolis)
6: Toby039 (Nepean)
7: RAH2 (Oslo)
8: torgeauxSA (Fairfax)
9: PhoebusX (Princeton)
Good luck, everyone!

6:55 PM -
Iggy made a raise from the SB, and penner42 came back all-in. Iggy thought a long time, and folded. I was hoping for THE HAMMER.

6:57 PM - Phoebusx just went out in 9th when his AJ didn't improve against torgeauxSA's pocket deuces.

6:58 PM -
Blinds are up to 1000/2000/100. Iggy is still the leader with 50263, just over torgeauxSA who has 47,639.

7:00 PM - Pauly just doubled through torgeauxSA with AA vs. 55. torgeauxSA turned an open-ended straight draw, but missed on the river. Pauly has 40,700.

7:06 PM - Toby039 went out in 8th with AQ vs. penner42's AK.

7:07 PM -
RAH2 just doubled through Iggy with KJ vs. Ax. RAH2 flopped a J.

7:13 PM - We're on a break. Blinds will go up to 1500/3000/150 when we come back.

7:19 PM -
Iggy just took a serious hit with AJo vs AQh. RAH2 flopped a queen, and made a flush on the river . . . with the Jh. One hand later, Iggy pushed against Pauly, who dimed out and folded. Iggy showed Q5o, and Pauly says he had Q2o. It's a poker blogger maxim: My crap is better than your crap!

7:22 PM - RAH2 just busted torgeauxSA with AJ vs QQ. An ace hit the flop, and tourgeauxSA went out in 7th.

7:23 PM - This is interesting. Due to the size of the blinds, and the distribution of the stacks, everyone except RAH2 is relatively shortstacked. It's making for lots of all-ins.

7:24 PM - Pauly just got crippled when his 33 ran into heffmike's 66. heffmike flopped a 6 for good measure. On the very next hand, Pauly went all-in with his last 124, got calls from Iggy and penner42, and doubled back in when he made a flush with AJ vs Iggy's pair of kings.

7:26 PM - Pauly went out in 6th. His Q4 ran into Iggy's AQ.

7:30 PM -
Iggy just dropped 73 vs. maureen's AJ, and doubled up with two pair on the flop! One hand later, they got it all in again with Iggy's 55 vs. maureen's JJ. No shit, Iggy flopped a set of fives. Presto! One hand later, Iggy eliminated heffmike. Fucking unreal.

7:33 PM - Iggy just gave some of it back to RAH2, with A3 vs. AA. Iggy still has a massive chiplead with 131K.

7:35 PM - This is insane. Now penner42 is the chipleader with 129K. RAH2 has 29K and Iggy has 26K

7:36 PM - RAH2 just went out in 3rd. His K7 flopped a 7 to take the lead against penner42's J9, but penner42 caught a J on the turn.

7:37 PM -
We are heads-up, Iggy vs. Penner42.

7:38 PM -
Iggy just doubled back into it with TT vs. 22.

7:39 PM - Penner42 wins it all with a flush! Congratulations, Metsfan!!

This was the best one yet, and not just because I made the money. Well, okay, that's a bi part of it, but the final table was exciting and featured some of the most insane plays I've ever seen. See you all next week, and don't forget tomorrow is Saturdays with Dr. Pauly:

What: Saturdays with Dr. Pauly
Where: Poker Stars
When: Saturday November 5th at 1pm EST
Tournament Info: #14338880 (check under Private Tournament Tab)
Password: hiltons

Eligibility: Anyone with a Poker Stars account
Attire: Pants optional

Pauy's tourney has some really cool bounties and bustout gifts, so if you're going to play, check out the details at Tao of Poker.

See you all next week, and West Coasters and Europe-ers watch for the Thursday Night Warm Up.

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