Live Blogging The WWdN: Up4Poker Invitational

Last week, I played good poker, caught cards when I need to, and built up a nice stack early on. Then I donked off about half of it, found myself short-stacked, and in need of a double-up to get back to par.

I picked  88 under the gun to push, and ran into CJ from Up For Poker's pocket kings. Oops. IGHN in 54th.

sparkyjr won a crazy heads-up battle, which featured a visit from PokerStars' own Lee Jones. How cool is that?

Well, here we go with tourney number three! Welcome to The WWdN: Up4Poker Invitational!

5:58 PM (all times Pacific) - 115 players are playing this week. Three tables will pay, and first place will take home $354. I am seat 5 at table 1. Rachelkat is in seat 1, and first week final tabler Jaxia is in seat 2.

6:00 PM -
Cards are in the air! I limp from EP and get raised behind. Callers give me great implied and pot odds to call. I make a pair, but I've got to fold to a big raise from the pre-flop raiser. That's an easy way to dump 400 chips on the first hand, kids.

6:05 PM - Just lost a bunch of my chips when Donegal rivered two pair against me. Oh well, at least my read was correct. I've only got 880 now, just 40 more than the shortest stack. Yuck.

6:07 PM -
Arcon just got busted with AQ vs Donegal's JJ. Flop was A-J-x when all the money went in.

6:10 PM -
I just got my stack back up to 1240 when I made a set of eights on the flop, and luckily extracted an extra bet from rachelkat on the river (where I'd made a boat with running tens.) All further updates will be in extended.
6:13 PM -
Jaxia raised from LP, and Sweet Chuck popped her back from the SB. She came over the top of him, and he went into the tank for a bit before folding. Jaxia showed AA.

6:15 PM -
Donegal has put my chips to good use; he's currently the chipleader with 3400.

6:17 PM - HAMMER flop. Jaxia bet at it, and just the fear of THE HAMMER got rachelkat to fold. Score one for the bloggers!

6:19 PM - PokerGeek just observed "It's like the world's biggest homegame."

6:20 PM - I just busted Jaxia. I raised with AKo from UTG. Jax called from LP, and so did SweetChuck from the BB. The flop came 7-7-A with two diamonds. SweetChuck checked, I bet, and Jax called. The turn was a blank, so I bet, and Jax raised me. I came back all-in. She called and showed KTd. I dodged a river diamond, and now I have 1855.

6:26 PM - rachelkat just doubled through Sweet Chuck with QQ vs TT.

6:28 PM -
Sweet Chuck pushed with A9c on a board of A-8-x with two clubs. AxeManSC called with A8o. Chuck had a pile of outs twice, but only got hearts. GG, Chuck!

6:28 PM - RandomSam, who is immediately to my left, is one of the chipleaders with 3570. Shane Nickerson is in 8th with 2850.

6:34 PM - I folded 89s UTG, not realizing that the shortstack was the BB. That's what I get for multi-tasking, I guess. Anyway, Sam raised to 200 (and I'm not sure I would have called anyway) and rachelkat called. Sam showed 55 (presto!) and Rachel had KTc and with the board 4-4-x-K-4, had a fullhouse to double up. A few hands later she lost with 55 to sungek's AK when sungek flopped a K.

6:39 PM - The tournament is shocked into silence as we learn that the blogfather has busted. GG, Iggy.

6:44 PM - I finally got to checkraise! w00t!

6:45 PM -
I'm sweating PokerGeek's table, and -- no shit -- they had THE HAMMER the same time we had THE HAMMER on my table. I think that's a goocher.

6:49 PM - EchoMed just won 1700 with two pair, and is second in chips. He is also one seat to my right.

6:52 PM - With A6 on the button, I minraised after it was folded to me. Sam and Donegal both called from the blinds, and the flop came QJx with two spades. It was checked around, and a 6 hit the turn. Sam bet 300 and Donegal folded. I thought I was ahead, so I called. We checked the river and he showed AT. I love it that I went with my read, and I was right! I've got 2520 now. Average is 2240, with 79 players left. Blinds are 50/100.

7:01 PM - At the first break, we have 71 players left. GRob is in first with a staggering 10349, almost twice the stack of Jhartness who is in second with 5845. I have 2370. Average is 2492. Time for a walk!

7:06 PM - We're back. Blinds are 75/150. I found a decent hand UTG, and popped it to 3X the BB, but had to fold when Sam came over the top of me for 900. Now I'm down to 1695. Crap.

7:13 PM - Bouncin' around the room: Ferris and Riley were playing really rough in the hallway behind me, with the barking and the running around and the wrestling . . . I guess it was too much for Ferris, because she just walked into the room and flopped down at my feet. Her little dog head is resting on my foot now :)

7:17 PM - I had AJo in MP. There was a limp ahead of me, and I figured that if I was going to re-raise, I was going to pot-commit myself to anything, so I just pushed there to get heads-up or maybe take it right there. ricoM called with presto (55) and I never improved. I had him covered, so I ended up with just 460. I pushed with QJ on the next hand, and got called by Q3o. I doubled up and ended with about 1400. I was still in short-stack mode, though, so two hands later with ATd, I raised it 3x the BB. Donegal pushed, and I figured I was a coinflip, but with just 650 left I was going to play for all my chips. He showed AK, and I never caught up. I go home in 60th place. Join us next week for the WWdN: Donegal Invitational! (Tournament number 14391236)

7:58 PM -
After some dinner, I'm back to sweat some of the players I know. Shane donked off a lot of his chips (his words, not mine) and is back up to 8960, currently in seventh place. CJ from UpForPoker didn't make it today, but GRob is representing the site quite nicely with a MASSIVE stack: 23334. Table 14 is the new TV Table.

8:00 PM -
Spaceman just made a set of kings to increase his stack to 8945, then made a set of jacks to bust michael97045 and increase his stack to 12130.

8:02 PM - Last week's runner-up patrickjst has 18655, is in second place, and proves that his finish last week was no fluke.

8:05 PM - Spaceman just made another set with pocket rockets, and busted penneriii. Spaceman has 18100 now, and lept over patrickjst to take second place. GRobman is still the man with 25089.

Penner42 said: three sets in one orbit? Must be nice.
Spaceman said: I'll take what I can get, Alan :)
EVDevil03, who is clinging to life with 4785, dryly observed: I just want to get out of this table alive.

8:08 PM -
At the break, there are 21 players left. 19 is the bubble. Average is 8428. Blinds will be 300/600/50 when we return.

8:17 PM - We are now on the bubble.

8:19 PM - Donegal bubbled out in 19th. I hope that having next week's tourney naming rights eases a bit of the pain.

8:26 PM - I love it that I recognize enough of the players in this tourney to feel happy for them when they make the money. Like PokerGeek said, "It's the biggest homegame in the world." (Maybe I'll make a T-Shirt.)

8:32 PM -
Holy. Fucking. Shit. YouzaViper, who was down to about 200 at my table before I busted, has battled his way up to 20232, and is currently in third place, behind GRob and Shane Nickerson. Nice.

8:35 PM - Blinds are currently 400/800/50. Average is 13615, with 13 players left. The small stack is Julius_Goat, with 3530.

8:38 PM -
Bloggers are sweating this game all over the place. Maudie and Joe Speaker just dropped into the TV Table. That's hellacool. Ahem.

8:39 PM -
Bouncin' around the room. I moved to the living room, and now Ferris is on the couch expensive dog bed. I had to turn off Real Time, because I couldn't stomach the FOX News drone's outrageous lies about Valerie Plame. Now I'm listening to a documentary about Jonestown. Ahhh, that's better.

8:41 PM - barclay1701 got all-in with Ac-Jx. A-OreoGod-A called with the Hilton Sisters. barcaly1701 made a flush with running clubs, to double up to 10000. This is a really exciting tourney tonight!

8:44 PM - GRob just . . . well, busted isn't the right word. Completely Destroyed!!1 is probably more apropos. GRob and RandomSam got all the money in on a board of Qh-6-h-3h-8d-4s. RandomSam showed Qd-Tc, but GRob had pocket eights for the set. GRob scooped a 37024 pot, and lept over Julius_Goat, who was the chipleader with 36700. Wow.

8:50 PM - We are on the bubble for the final table.  Blinds are 600/1200/75.

8:52 PM -
Shane and GRob just got into a battle of the bluffs with 74o vs. 74s. Two spades on the flop, but GRob never caught the flush, and they chopped.

8:53 PM - The Final Table has begun!

  1: patrickjst (Spring Lake)
  2: Walstib (Washington)
  3: barclay1701 (Woods Cross)
  4: GRobman (Greer)
  5: YouzaViper (Linton)
  6: rocko44 (Burnaby)
  7: A-OreoGod-A (Chicago)
  8: Julius_Goat (Grand Rapids)
  9: S. Nickerson (Manhattan Beach)

8:56 PM - Shane busted in 9th when his AK ran into TT, and he never improved.

8:58 PM - barclay1701 just dropped THE HAMMER!

8:59 PM - GRob busted Julius_Goat, when Julius had QQ, against GRob's Q3. The board paired 3s, and Julius went home in 8th. That's awesome, considering he was the very short-stack for a bit there. I observed in the chat: It's GRob's world, and we just shit in it.

9:01 PM - A-OreoGod-A finished fifth. I didn't see the hand. YouzaViper is hurt when his AJ lost to barclay1701's AT with a T on the river.

9:02 PM - patrickjst finished in 4th when he ran into YouzaViper (who I just realized is THE Daddy, the original donkeyfucker - OMG) who had KK.

9:04 PM - GRob has 152K, YouzaViper has 11K and barclay1701 has 7K.

9:05 PM - So GRob and YouzaViper are blogging legends, and it's hilarious to watch them talk shit to each other. Youza said, "I'm taking you down, GRob." and I said, "The iplied tilt odds for Daddy taking down GRob are infinite." GRob pushed against Youza's BB, and showed 52o when Youza folded. Doubleas said "uh . . . that wasn't the hammer."

9:08 PM - barclay1701 finished in third, and we are heads-up GRob Vs. Daddy.

9:09 PM -
On the first hand of heads-up play, Daddy got it all in with 33 vs. GRob who called with 62o. Daddy made a set, then rivered a boat. He's doubled to 33K vs. GRob's 150K.

9:10 PM - We're on a break. Blinds will be 1500/3000/150 when we return.

9:14 PM - Otis just dropped in to say hello. That was awesome.

9:16 PM - Aaaannnnd we're back. The trash talk between these guys is awesome. It truly is the biggest homegame in the world.

9:18 PM -
Daddy's 66 fell to GRob's Q9 when the flop came QTJ.

GRob is our champion! clearly pwns the WWdN Invitational. Thank you to everyone for playing, and we'll see you next week!

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