Live Blogging The WWdN Friday Game: The Decker711 Invitational

DarwinIt's no secret that I am a huge fan and admirer of Dr. Pauly, who elevated live blogging to an art form at the 2005 WSOP.

I had such a great time live blogging the WCOOP and Katrina relief tournaments, I'm going to occasionally blog the WWdN Friday Game at PokerStars. Maybe I'll get to have an existentialist conversation with a stripper, just like the good doctor, too . . .

I sincerely hope that this game grows into some kind of  event, with the same players returning to play against each other each week. I noticed that there was a lot of friendly chat and irreverent trash talking during the last game, which is something I don't find in random SNGs or MTTs. A big reason we play poker (well, a big reason I play poker, anyway) is that it is fun. And eleven bucks a week is a great price to pay for a whole lot of fun, if you ask me.

Moving on . . .

3:58 PM (all times Pacific) - There are 141 players registered! This is insanely cool, because earlier today there were just 28 players, and I worried that we wouldn't top last week's entry of 96, but now the final two tables will pay. I am seat 4 at table 2. Last week's runner-up whoisspain is in Seat 3!

4:00 PM - J3o is my first hand, I fold from first position and the flop comes J3. Damn!

4:05 PM - I just picked up a small pot from spain with pocket sixes. *whew* 1670 for me, average is 1500. Thebrux just dropped THE HAMMER!

4:08 PM - Thanks to late registration, we're up to 152 players. COOL!

4:12 PM - I just discovered that the blogfather himself, Iggy, is playing with us today.

4:13 PM -
I just grabbed a pot when I rivered an ace against phunkdup. All further updates will be in extended. 
4:17 PM - I just made a great laydown. In the SB I had a medium ace, so I raised. The BB called. I flopped an ace, bet the flop, and he called. The turn put a straight out, so I checked, and he bet into it. I folded, and he showed the straight. A few months ago, I may have gone broke like a dummy there.

4:21 PM - VTepes, in the 8 seat at my table, just doubled up with Broadway. He says "lucky" in the chat. He was against K9.

4:24 PM - I had AKo in EP. UTG minraises so I pop him back. One caller from LP, and the raiser calls. Flop comes T-T-J. UTG checks. I really smell checkraise, so I check behind. LP bets about 1/2 the pot. UTG instacalls. I'm sure I'm behind, so I lay it down. Turn is an ace! Dammit! I'm sure it's the worst laydown ever, until they get it all in and UTG s a 9-Td for a set. LP had AQo.

4:27 PM -
In the SB, I haad to lay down THE HAMMER to a big raise and a call ahead of me. Dang.

4:30 PM -
Blinds are up to 25/50. We've got 133 left. Big stack is 6065. Short stack is 295. Average is 1714. I have 1630.

4:38 PM -
I just won a good sized pot with a boat against spain. I smooth called with AQ from LP. Three players, flop came Q-5-5. Checked to me, so I check, too. Spain bets, so I called. Two of us now, and the turn is a queen! Holy Crap I've got a Boat! I check-call, and when and Ace hits the river, and he bets at me, I come back over the top. He shows a medium Ace. I win 1225. I've got 2030 now, average is 1915.

4:43 PM - I raised 3X the BB with Aces from the button. One caller from EP. Flop came 9-rag-rag, rainbow. He bet 550 into it, so I thought a minute and called. The turn was a king. Now I'm hoping he's got AK. I think it may be KK, but as Lee Jones would say, "That's monsters under the bed." He bets at it, I raise him all-in, he shows K-Td.  River is a blank, and I win over 2855. I've got 3495 now. Average is 1965. Blinds are 50/100. 116 players left.

4:46 PM - I just realized that there's a BARGEr at my table. He's really good, and has position on me. Eeeeep.

4:51 PM - Holy shit. I just busted the BARGEr I was afraid of. 88 vs. K7. Flop is 7-5-5. He pushes for his last 550, I call with 8-8 and turn a set to protect myself from the king i'm sure is coming. I'v got 3905 now. Wow.

4:53 PM - I just spewed 300 on a stone bluff. marcosw (who won it) says he had a boat. Glad I got away from it.  Another BARGEr just sat behind me. The ADBs are out in FORCE today.

4:58 PM - Holy crap. I've spewed 800 chips in 7 minutes when my overs aren't catching any flops. Each time I've folded, it's been a good fold . . . but I have to tignten up now, even though I'm tied for chiplead at this table.

5:04 PM -
We're at the first break. This is incredibly fun. What a great group of people! I have 3105, and I am third at my table (leader has 5400). Average is 2533. Our chipleader is the poker princess herself, with 7285. There are 90 players left.

5:05 PM -
First hand after the break, I get KK in the cutoff. I raise it up 3x, no callers. It's funny to me that I get nervous when I see cowboys now. :)

5:07 PM - There is an argument about water rights happening in chat right now. Oy.

5:08 PM -
I played like a pussy and folded THE HAMMER from UTG +1. Just to taunt me, I got 7-3o on the very next hand.

5:10 PM - Joanne, last week's champion, went out in 89th. She will most certainly exact her wrath on the cash games, now. Look out.

5:13 PM - We were just chatting about the Zen of Folding. Someone said, "I have to master the Zen of sucking out," as he got it all in with A4s vs. whoisspain's ATo. They paired their Aces on the flop, and marcosw caught a 4 on the turn to double up. Then someone said, "It looks like marcosw has already done it." LOL.

5:16 PM - marcosw officially has a horseshoe up his ass. He just busted my fellow BARGEr with TT vs KK when he flopped a T.

5:19 PM -
Shit. I've dropped to 2500. Average is 3081, and the blinds are up to 100/200. I have to loosen up a little bit, which is tough because I'm pretty card dead right now. 73 left.

5:25 PM - I just donked off half my stack. Argh.

5:27 PM - CJ from UpForPoker just got moved to my table. He's REALLY good, and has position on me.

5:34 PM - wwdnposse just got moved to my table. His avatar is the image from "Wil has a posse." That is too weird.

5:35 PM - I'm all-in UTG with pocket eights. One caller, plus CJ who also pushes. I hope I'm in for a race here. Oh. No I'm not. CJ called me with KK. Can I crack Kings? No, there's a King on the flop. I go home in 54th. What a disappointing finish. I really wish I hadn't donked off those chips like a dipshit, but I had a LOT of fun, and now there's only one "wil" avatar at the table.

5:37 PM - Join us next week for the WWdN: Up4Poker Invitational! (Tournament number 14090593, for you early registration types.)

5:45 PM - Table 2, formerly known as "The TV Table" (hat tip: Frankl) has turned into a master blogger table, as The Film Geek joins CJ and Poker Princess. Film Geek is in sixth with 10,149, and is crying that he didn't make the live blog. Quit your cryin', Chris. ;)

6:02 PM - I joined the waiting list for the side game. I'm 5th out of 7. I think I'll be here for a while.

6:03 PM -
Barclay1701 just doubled up against The Film Geek when his pocket Tens held up against Teh Geek's 56d. Geek flopped an up and down draw, but never caught up.

6:04 PM -
And just like that, the TV table is closed.

6:05 PM -
Bouncin' around the room: My dogs are playing with each other. It's the "I'll chase you then you chase me" game where they sound like they're killing each other.

6:07 PM -
Barclay1701 is on a tear. He just doubled up against penner42 with AK vs JJ when he flopped an ace. The Film Geek got moved to iggy's table with thebrux, Decker711, and marcosw.

6:12 PM - Joanne just e-mailed me her bustout story. Here it goes:
It is a sad story...

I held AQ suited UTG, and did a 3x BB raise to 450.
The tournament namesake, Decker711, re-raised me another 300 and I called.

Flop comes Q x x, and I believed I probably had the best of it at that
point, so first to act I checked. He raised all in, and after thinking
about it, I called (which was foolish)

He showed KK, and I didnt improve.

Thoughts afterwards:
- I should have folded AQ UTG

- I shouldnt have called the all-in raise. Even though I felt I had
the best hand, it was too early in the tourney to risk the remainder
of my chips when I wasnt 100% sure.

- I placed him on JJ or AK, in which case I would have the best hand,
but again I didn't know for sure

- I was in good position (around 35th out of 90) before the call, and
should have folded

That said - I can't fault him for his play, and though I am disappointed, I learned another HUGE lesson.

Tough break, but gives me hope that even the mighty can fall in this crazy game. I learned the same lesson about calling when you really know you're behind,  but hope you're not. I'm sure Joanne will give us a lesson about the dreaded Dominated Hand.

6:15 PM - LucyFlawless (har) just busted two players, including the post-barclay1701 short-stacked penner42 with runner/runner to make the nut flush. I'm first in line for the side game. That makes LucyFlawless the chipleader with 30K. She/he/it has a HUGE lead over Aloeman in second wtith 22K. Blinds are 300/600/25 and average is 9900. 23 players are left, 18 places pay.

6:16 PM -
Bouncin' around the room: my stepson is freaking out at my wife because he doesn't like the way his hair looks and he's "meeting friends at the mall" tonight. Ah, teenagers.

6:21 PM - thebrux just turned a straight to bust b9876. There are 22 players left.

6:22 PM - thebrux just raised it to 1200 (3xBB) from EP. The Film Geek called from the BB. Flop came A-J-x, two hearts. thebrux bet out, Geek folded, brux showed THE HAMMER! Geek says he folded a Jack. Sweet move, thebrux!

6:24 PM- I finally got seated in the side game, with Pauly, Spaceman, iggy, doubleas, and april. I'm in east bloggersharkistan, and Pauly is killing the table.

6:36 PM - I lost almost my entire stack on a donkey play in the cash game (seeing a pattern, anyone?) but I got a lot back on two hands. Woot.

6:37 PM - The tournament is on the bubble. Decker711 and Maudie are the shortstacks. Oh! No! Decker711 doubled up. It's good to have the tourney named after you, I guess.

6:40 PM - Yeah, it's REALLY nice to have the tourney named after you. Decker711 just got it all in on a raggedy flop with JJ vs AJ. Then the bubble burst, and he doubled again on a three outer. WOW.

6:45 PM - Poker Princess went out in 18th.

6:49 PM - Poker Geek (The Film Geek's REAL name) busted in 16th. He was in with A7 vs. KJ vs. 9T. The flop came T-8-J, and he was behind, but the A on the turn put him back in the lead . . . until another J hit the river.

6:54 PM -
I just took a big pot away from the blogfather with two pair against his pair of aces. I hope he doesn't whack me.

6:55 PM -
Just got to drop THE HAMMER!

6:56 PM -  CJ busted out in 10th.

7:06 PM -
I just won another pot from iggy. Now I feel like I'm REALLY pressing my luck, and immediately lost the next hand on the river. Luckily, it was a small pot.

7:07 PM -
The final table is down to five players: Aloeman, speclj, LucyFlawless, rkyjr and patrickjst. Lucy just busted when sparky made trips, and he is the massive chipleader with 116,746!

7:11 PM -
Bouncin' around the room: there are a ton of bloggers sweating the final table, and sitting in the side game. Everyone seems to be having a really great time. I love being part of this community.

7:17 PM - Most embarrassing moment in the history of the game for me: I have K4o in MP. I decide to raise to mix it up (yeah I know, dominated hands and such, but you also have to play the players, right?) so I min raise. Flop is A-4-x with two clubs. Pot is .80 (we bloggers play MASSIVE limits) so I bet .40 into it. Pauly raises it to $3! I say, "PAULY! WTF?!" He says, "I have a set." I figure he has an A, so I say, "I have a set too. Right here." As I fold. Pauly shows J4o! So I chat, "DUDE! I had you CRUSHER!"

Oh fuck me. I meant to type CRUSHED.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE at the table piles on me. I will never live it down. But somehow, I don't mind too much. I love it that these people, most of whom I've never met in real life, can give and take shit with me. That's really cool.

7:22 PM - We are down to three. Blogger Human Head went out in 4th.

7:23 PM - PokerStars' pokerroom manager, amazing author, and my friend  Lee Jones stopped by the final table of our tourney! How cool is that?!

7:25 PM -
OMG! sparkyr just busted Aloeman with THE HAMMER! He flopped two pair, and now we are heads=up. Lee Jones dryly observed, "I don't think the 72 was the favorite." Har.

7:29 PM -
patrickjst just doubled up against sparkyr. Chipstacks are about even right around 100K. Blinds are 1500/3000/150.

7:32 PM - Jeeze, I look away for two minutes, and patrickjst takes a big lead. He's got 155K to sparkyr's 55K. Blinds just went up to 2000/4000/200

7:33 PM - bouncin' around the room: Underworld is playing cowgirl on iTunes. It's everything I can do to stay in my chair and not bop around.

Wait! I'm online! I can bop around all I want!

bop bop

7:37 PM - I just played and lost my first pot in the side game in almost 30 minutes. On the river. In the tourney, sparkyjr pulled even with, and then took the lead on patrickjst.

7:44 PM
- I am 3/3 against Iggy. Holy mother.

7:45 PM - Now I am 3/5 against Iggy, who has successfully bluffed me off two hands!

7:48 PM - sparkyjr is our champion! He cracked KK with J7 when he flopped two pair. Congraatulations, sparkyjr! Thank you to everyone who played today! See you all next week.

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